What is AFPís mission and what programs or services are provided by the charity?

AFPís mission is supporting the work of crucial burn centers, funding patient care and helping to provide burn medical education. It does so by allocating funds to specific hospitals and foundations located within the geographic areas where revenues are raised..

What are donations to Association for Firefighters & Paramedics used for?

Contributions made to the Association for Firefighters and Paramedics, Inc. (AFP), from both citizens and businesses throughout the United States are donated in kind to those victims of fire who need the most immediate financial assistance available to them. In some cases, it may be a family that was displaced from its home due to fire damage.

In others, it may be an individual or family that needs assistance replacing the daily essentials they need to get by. AFP also donates thousands of dollars to burn centers, foundations and burn camps for children throughout the country.

How much of my donation is used on programs and services?

Contributions made directly to AFP are deposited in a special fund, in which 100% of the net revenue received is expended solely on program services.

What particular charitable programs benefit from donor contributions?

The charitable programs that benefit from donor contributions to AFP vary from state to state and depend heavily on the number of dollars raised in any particular region or state. In most states where funds are raised on behalf of AFP, the Board of Directors has several options to choose from in determining where it should expend funds, whether for fire victims, burn camps for children, foundations and burn centers or associations located within them.

In states where funds are raised and there are no foundations, burn centers or burn camps located within them, AFP expends funds in adjacent states where burn victims are treated or fire victims can be assisted financially.
How are the funds used by AFPís benefactors?

Contributions made to AFP help in many ways, including but not limited to:

(a)  Children burned in fires whose families would like to send them to burn camps where they can receive physical and psychological assistance. AFP donations help to defray the cost of sending children and, in some cases, their entire families to burn camps where they can participate in many different activities with other fire victims;

(b)  Burn victims who need not only immediate medical attention and patient care, but also physical and psychological assistance. AFP contributions help foundations provide many rehabilitative and supportive programs to burn victims, including but not limited to: direct aid; cosmetic consultation; burn prevention education; school re-entry initiatives, adult and teen support groups; counseling; post-secondary academic education or career training; tutoring for youth burn survivors; and cultural and educational outings. Strong support for patients ensures the quickest possible return to their jobs and families and some sense of normalcy again in their lives;

(c)  Helping burn centers pay for the cost of operating their burn units, including but not limited to: toys for children; transportation for relatives of burn victims; emergency shelter; fluid and blanket warmers for severe burns; bouncers and swings for pediatric patients; education funds for nurses and burn unit managers; scientific research; take-home medical kits; total contact burn masks; compression garments; and daily necessities for the family members of burn victims who often find it difficult to leave their loved ones when their lives are in doubt;

(d)  Helping victims of fire put their lives back in order by financially assisting them, whether it is obtaining the daily necessities to get by, paying for unexpected medical bills or needing a temporary place to stay until permanent arrangements can be made;

(e)  Helping to educate the public about burn and injury prevention and treatment by financially supporting hospital and burn foundations or burn associations and treatment centers throughout the nation.

How does AFP help to provide disaster prevention education and burn awareness to the public at large?

By financially assisting both hospital and burn foundations and burn associations, AFP helps to provide important information to communities across the country about burn prevention and awareness programs, therefore educating the public on issues related to its program goals. AFP also offers general burn prevention tips for inside and outside the home on its informational brochures and this website.

Where does AFP expend charitable funds and how does it determine in what geographic locations funds should be expended?

Revenues raised for AFP in any particular region of the country are expended in that area by AFP on anything related to its program goals or services provided. In some states, more funds are expended on burn centers, foundations and burn associations, and in others, more is allocated to individual victims and families or childrenís burn camps.

AFPís victim assistance programs are managed by using a case by case approach in determining how much AFP contributes to any particular case so that it makes the biggest impact possible. Funds are distributed by AFP directly to burn centers, burn camps and fire victims. Criteria for expenditures are three-fold:

(1)  Revenues raised must be expended in accordance with the objectives and purposes of AFP within the same state where the revenues were raised;

(2)  Revenues raised must be expended in accordance with the objectives and purposes of AFP within a reasonable radius of the area in which the revenues were raised; or

(3)  Revenues raised must be expended in accordance with the objectives and purposes of AFP within a reasonable geographical region of the area in which revenues were raised.