Burn Prevention Tips

1. Install smoke detectors in each bedroom corridor, at the top of each stairway and along your normal exit route. Replace the batteries at the same time each year.
2. Set your water heater no higher than 120 degrees - 125 degrees F. At 130 degrees a severe scald burn can occur in just 30 seconds.

In the kitchen
1. Keep pot handles turned in and the appliance cords away from the edge of the counter.
2. Keep hot liquids and other hot items away from the edge of the table or counter.
3. Establish a “safe Area” where a child can be placed away from risk. Establish a “No Zone” in front of the stove, and teach your child to stay away from that area.
4. Be careful using microwave ovens. Steam escaping from the container can cause scald burns. Foods can be warm in one spot and scalding in another.

In the bathroom
1. Run cold water into the tub first and then add hot water. Keep your child away from the faucets.
2. Never leave young children alone in the bathroom for any reason.

1. Do not use gasoline for any purpose other than to fuel an engine. Use the safest product available for the intended job.
2. Always fuel power mowers out-side where there is adequate ventilation.